Her Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend Accused Her Of Stealing Her Life And She’s Asking The Internet If Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Yelled At Her

A 28-year-old woman is married to her husband, who is one year older than her. She’s been with her husband for 4 years, and they have a 2-year-old daughter.

The crazy thing here is that her husband’s 29-year-old ex cannot get over the fact that they broke up, although it has now been 5 years since they were together.

She originally met her husband 6 months after he and his ex split.

“She went through a lot of lengths to break us up and absolutely lost it when we announced our engagement,” she explained about her husband’s ex.

“She showed up to our wedding in a white wedding dress and we later found out it was because my MIL had invited her as her plus 1.”

“I tried to ignore it to keep the peace until she tried to pour wine on my wedding dress. I lost it at that and kicked her out.”

After their disastrous wedding day, she hasn’t really spoken to her mother-in-law at all, and she and her husband only talk to her a bit for the sake of their daughter.

“His ex-girlfriend is still bitter about him breaking up with her and she sometimes does things like follow me to the grocery store or follow my husband and I to our date nights,” she said.

Anyway, for Thanksgiving this year, she invited her mother-in-law over to their house, and she was pretty surprised to see that her mother-in-law brought along her husband’s ex.

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