Her Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend Accused Her Of Stealing Her Life And She’s Asking The Internet If Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Yelled At Her

She tried her best to be nice, and she made up an extra place at their dinner table for her husband’s ex because she wasn’t about to be mean.

“Everything went well until my daughter woke up from her nap before dinner and his ex raced to pick her up,” she continued.

“I was behind her and as she picked her up she began saying things like “mamas here baby don’t worry mama is here for you” and I felt very uncomfortable.”

“I then attempted to take my daughter and she wouldn’t let her go and said I should let her have a few seconds in the life she had stolen from her.”

That was it for her; she absolutely couldn’t keep putting on a nice face and she freaked out on her husband’s ex.

She kicked her husband’s ex out of their house and told her she was not invited to return.

She doesn’t feel bad at all for putting her husband’s ex in her place, but her mother-in-law ripped her a new one and stormed out after the incident.

Her mother-in-law then riled up some of her husband’s cousins and aunts, and they all think she’s awful for what she did so she’s beginning to be upset about things.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Like really girl, she showed up to your wedding in a white dress and you wanted to keep the peace?”

“Your MIL just brings his psycho ex over for Thanksgiving and you try to find her a spot because you don’t want to be rude?”

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