Her Mom Was Diagnosed With Cancer And Then Had To Have Her Leg Amputated: Now She’s Trying To Get Her Mom A Prosthetic Leg So She Can Dance At Her Wedding

Weymouth, Massachusetts. Late last month, a woman by the name of Carol Lincoln had to have her leg amputated above her knee after she was diagnosed with cancer as a kid.

“My mom was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a cancer of the bone or soft tissue, at 12-years-old,” Carol’s daughter Sarah Lincoln wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“Since being a child, she has learned to compensate very well all of her life and has learned to do a lot with her physical limitations to the best of her ability.”

“She loves to walk her dog, swim, do water aerobics, and most recently took up pickleball!”

“Unfortunately, due to the long-term side effects of radiation, she developed a large non-healing wound on that leg.”

“After many different doctor’s appointments, treatments, and excruciating pain, the ultimate treatment was amputation.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Carol

Carol works as a school nurse at an elementary school, so she has spent her whole career and life taking care of everyone.

Sarah says that her loving mom always jumps in to help anyone in need, and she never misses an opportunity to help take care of someone who needs it.

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