Her Stepdaughter Trashed Her Wedding Dress And Now She’s Thinking Of Taking Out A Restraining Order Against Her So She Can’t Ruin The Wedding

Afterward, the step-daughter congratulated the couple with a large smile– as if nothing had happened. Apparently, Najwa’s own boyfriend even told the woman that she was “nuts.”

Then, after the woman found her dream wedding dress, Najwa went over to her dad’s house. She brought wall paint and destroyed the gown.

“I’ve never been married before, so this is my first experience, and I was overjoyed with my dress,” the woman said, “Najwa was not there when I got home, but the front door camera revealed everything.”

Understandably, the woman was beyond upset and confronted her soon-to-be step-daughter. She also filed a police report, but her fiancé talked her into dropping it.

The drama has since died down, but the woman does not want to associate with Najwa anymore. She is also considering filing a restraining order, but her fiancé strongly disagrees.

“Her father found out about the potential restraining order and said I was being over the top by even considering it,” the woman explained, “But, she’s an adult, and she ruined a dress worth hundreds of dollars. She should face the consequences.”

Her fiancé insists that she drop it since the order would also prevent Najwa from being at their wedding. And, since the woman was paid back for the dress already, her fiancé would rather get Najwa to apologize.

“He told me to at least wait until after the wedding, then do whatever. He really wants Najwa there and called me cruel to dismiss how important that is for him,” the woman said.

She told her fiancé that Najwa could have been hit with something much worse– an actual criminal charge. Instead, the woman just wants Najwa to stay away from her and respect their decision to get married.

Still, it is an extremely sticky situation. The woman realizes that such a decision could ruin her fiancé’s relationship with his daughter. Her fiancé has been begging her to reconsider.

“I feel like morally I could be wrong since she’s my step-daughter and we are family,” the woman explained, “My fiancé has also always been supportive of me and helped me so much while struggling.”

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