He’s A YouTube Influencer And He Says The Fame Is Literally Killing Him

A 22-year-old man began gaining popularity on social media back when he was 16, and one year after he got started he quickly blew up.

He only started doing what he did online because he was incredibly passionate about producing videos.

Now, he’s a full-blown influencer on YouTube, and he has more than 5 million subscribers.

“The thing is, I can’t just stop doing this whenever I want,” he explained. “I dropped out of high school to pursue this and have no job skills or experience and no education whatsoever.”

“And I make quite a LOT of money from this and use the money I get to support my family (My family being content with my overwhelming support at this point).”

“I’m expecting a baby in June as well so I don’t have the ability to start new or fresh and I also support my girlfriend.”

Maintaining the lifestyle that he leads costs him at least $9,000 every month, and he says this is what’s making it nearly impossible for him to walk away from being an influencer.

He has no other career experience. He has no formal education. If he did stop doing what he does for a living, he would be left without realistic options to support his family.

The problem? This “fame” is literally killing me,” he said. “I never thought that being an internet content creator would actually bring you recognizable fame in the real world but I was goddamn wrong.”

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