He’s About To Propose To His Girlfriend And After He Told Their Friends In Front Of Her That He Wants A Prenup, She Got Very Upset

Rachel did not take that well and she immediately got up and went to their guest bedroom. Rachel’s cousin and sister accused him of being a jerk and ran after her.

Rachel refused to come out of the bedroom until their friends left, and when she did come out, she announced that she was leaving and heading to her sister’s place.

“I’ve been reaching out for days and been getting a cold shoulder,” he said. “She won’t even have a conversation about a prenup.”

“I just don’t know what to do, I love this woman but a prenup is something I’ve always wanted and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before to her.”

He did say that he and Rachel come from families that are financially similar and upper-middle class.

Rachel works as a teacher in a high school, and he works for the government. He makes a lot more than Rachel does, and his salary will continue to increase so that’s what’s worrying to him.

“It’s more about protecting myself in case anything happened, he concluded.

How would you feel in this situation?

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