He’s Constantly Calling His Girlfriend By Other Names Of Women In His Life And Now She’s Worried

“He told me that they were never more than friends. I found out later that he did like her and tried to pursue her at one point.”

“At the party the night before, I could tell they were super close but I understand guys and girls can be friends. He promised me he would never let it happen again and he had no idea why it was happening.”

Unfortunately, her boyfriend did it again one week after that incident. They were driving in the car with some of her friends when he called her by his friend’s name again.

The first time he said it she pretended it never happened, but then he said his friend’s name again when referring to her.

Later that evening he said sorry and started crying.

“I don’t know how to feel but he admitted to me yesterday that he did like her at one point,” she continued.

She does think her boyfriend is a great guy who is nice to her overall, but she’s worried about how frequently he’s been calling her by the wrong name.

She isn’t sure what to do or if she has a right to be upset about this.

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