He’s In Love With His Half-Sister And Currently Living With Her But Their Family Doesn’t Know

A 23-year-old man has a half-sister that he’s 6 months older than, and they both have the same dad.

His dad ended up cheating on his mom, and his half-sister is the result of his dad’s affair with this other woman.

His dad’s mistress kept the baby, but after this woman passed away unexpectedly, her daughter was adopted out to his dad’s baby brother. Her daughter was about 12 or 13 at the time.

“They lived right down the street from us so we were always hanging out,” he explained. “Either I was over at their house when my parents were working or vice versa, she was at my house.”

“We were never told we were siblings. As far as I knew, she was my “adopted” cousin and we were just strangers. I remember when we first met, the attraction was so intense.”

He and his half-sister went to the same exact school, and they became extremely close to one another.

His half-sister then got a boyfriend, who ended up dumping her. After his half-sister’s boyfriend broke up with her, she cried and ended up sharing a kiss with him as he tried to comfort her.

It came as a surprise to him, but he went through with the kiss. Afterward, he and his half-sister continued their relationship, which grew increasingly physical in private.

His half-sister even revealed to him that she was already in love with him, and they thought their relationship was wrong because they were cousins, even if it was through adoption.

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