His Cousin’s About To Get Married For The Second Time In A Year And He’s Being Accused Of Sabotaging Her Wedding To Guy Number Two After Refusing To Go

A 27-year-old man has been dating his 27-year-old girlfriend named Jenn for the past 7 years now. Since he has been with Jenn for so long, she’s essentially a part of his family already.

Anyway, his 26-year-old cousin Megan got married one year ago, and he was part of the wedding, while Jenn was invited to be one of the bridesmaids.

“She left her husband after one year to be with Tony who was married at the time with 2 kids,” he explained about his cousin Megan.

“Obviously this was the family gossip, and Megan’s mom (my aunt G/mom’s sister) was embarrassed but tried to cover for Megan as much as she could.”

“After this, I really didn’t talk to Megan much and neither did Jenn. Well, we got invited to the second wedding.”

Jenn is refusing to go to Megan’s second wedding in basically a year because she thinks that it was very terrible of Megan to have presumably cheated on her first husband.

Megan also moved into Tony’s place a month after leaving her first husband, and Tony quickly divorced his wife and abandoned his kids.

Jenn doesn’t support what Megan did and thinks they should skip her second wedding to Tony because of it.

He agrees with Jenn, and he also doesn’t want anything to do with Megan and her wedding number two.

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