His Girlfriend Is Leaving Him Because She Has Feelings For One Of Her Married Patients She Met While In Medical School, And She Took A Bunch Of Photos Of The Guy While He Was Asleep In His Hospital Bed

If he does go through with reporting her, both of their families will be devastated as well. Her entire future is on the line with what he chooses to do.

He did tell his friends about this, and the majority of them think that he needs to move forward with reporting her, especially since the patient she’s in love with clearly has no idea that a trusted individual in charge of treating him is taking photos of him without him even knowing.

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His friends find her behavior obsessive and scary.

“Another friend then suggested the best course of action is that I reach out to the patient’s wife and let her know what’s going on since what my ex-girlfriend is doing is unethical and I should do something about it no matter who she is/was to me but I’m struggling to think of what I should do,” he concluded.

He really isn’t sure what to do about all of this and if it’s better to report his now ex-girlfriend or leave it all be.

How would you feel in this situation?

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