His Girlfriend Secretly Moved Herself Into His Apartment While He Was Away On A Work Trip

A 23-year-old man is currently dating a 21-year-old woman, and they have been together for a year and a half now.

Since he has been with his girlfriend, he’s lived in two different apartments, but he never invited his girlfriend to move in with him for two reasons.

First of all, he really doesn’t believe in living together until you have come to know someone well enough, which he doesn’t feel has happened yet.

His second issue with living with his girlfriend is that she is not motivated in the least. She quit college, doesn’t have a job, and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

Meanwhile, he works insane hours and runs his own company.

“I have felt resentful in the past and currently over the fact that she has no desire to get a job or help me out with paying for things when I am continually going through so much stress just to keep my business afloat during covid,” he explained.

Recently, he went to another country on a trip for work, and while he was gone, he asked his girlfriend to come to his place to water his plants.

He also thought that since she lives with her parents, it would give her a bit of time away from her mom and dad.

His girlfriend was excited to have a bit of space for her family and watch his plants, and he left for his trip not thinking anything of it.

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