His Girlfriend Thinks That The Relationship He Has With His Older Sister Is Way Too Weird Since They Cuddle And Fall Asleep Next To One Another

A 21-year-old man has an older sister that is 29, May, and a 21-year-old girlfriend, Elly, who thinks that the relationship he has with his sister May is way too weird.

He and May had an awful childhood, and they were all that they had back then. That made them grow extraordinarily close, and they have always had a very affectionate relationship.

Neither he nor May has a problem with their affectionate ways, and he’s not sure if it’s completely normal, but it’s how they grew up.

Several weeks ago, May moved into the place he shares with his girlfriend Elly after May went through a terrible breakup.

Elly was not thrilled that May was moving in, but he figured that was because Elly would feel like they wouldn’t have any alone time.

Well, last weekend, things went completely south. Elly left home to head to a party with her friends, and she was gone for all of Saturday night.

“May and I ended up cuddling and watching some movies,” he explained. “We ended up falling asleep together in my (and Elly’s) bed.”

“For us, this is normal and completely non-sexual. We are not into each other, we just enjoy being around each other and she found it comforting given everything that was happening to her.”

“When Elly got home and saw us, she got pretty mad. She decided to wait for my sister to leave for work before talking to me, though.”


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