His Girlfriend’s Friends Always Expect Him To Pay For Them When They Hang Out And He’s Asking The Internet If He’s A Jerk For Refusing To Do This Going Forward

It was time for Bridget’s friends to pay their own way from now on.

“Bridget feels as though I’m being unwelcoming to her friends and worries that if she tells them that their food and drinks are on them, that they’ll resent her for it,” he continued.

He’s wondering if he really is a jerk for not wanting to pay for all of her freeloader friends anymore

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You’re the sugar daddy for the group. Your girl is using you.”


“But dump her. They know what they’re doing. You were just identified as a pushover nice guy who wouldn’t have the confidence to stand up to them and tell them to pay for themselves.”

“DUMP HER. This woman will bleed you dry and rinse your corpse. You pay for everything, don’t you? And I’m willing to bet have literally no savings.”

“If you need assurance she’s not for you- tell her you just got fired and need her to cover the bills this month. See what happens.”


“Mate, you need to listen to this woman! If your girl is inviting her friends out on your couples date night then it sounds like she’s not invested in the relationship.”

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