His Wife Used To Be His Babysitter And She Just Revealed That She Essentially Groomed Then Manipulated Him Into Being Perfect For Her

“I asked her about it and she honestly looked very sad and remorseful,” he explained. “She admitted to manipulating me mentally to get me to marry her, and she confessed that she dated me when I was younger because she could basically make me the “perfect husband” that she wanted.”

“She also admitted to manipulating me and stopped taking BC so that I could get her pregnant.”

He couldn’t believe what his wife had owned up to, and she tried to apologize to him relentlessly.

He did tell his wife that he would try to not think about the secret she revealed, and she agreed to let him have some space to consider everything.

He has no idea how to feel right now. He does love her, and they do have a family, so he’s not sure if he should pretend he never told her this secret, or if he should just “face” what she did to him.

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