Last Christmas She Splurged On A Pair Of Expensive Boots For Herself But Then She Let Her Friend Borrow Them And They Wound Up Ruined

Then, Rylee told her that she was spending the holidays in Colorado, and she insisted that Rylee needed to give her boots back to her before then.

Rylee also had borrowed a pair of her pants that she wanted back as well.

“She replied by asking to keep the pants a little longer and take them to Colorado with her,” she said.

“I agreed and let her take them. (Remember I asked for the boots and the pants back) I then come to find out via Instagram that she had left for Colorado without letting me know, which meant I wasn’t given the opportunity to get the boots back from her.”

“Rylee then posts another story on her Instagram days later and me being great at small details I see in a reflection that Rylee had taken my $550 cowhide boots to Colorado where it is SNOWING.”

“I immediately respond to the story and call her out for 1. Not letting me pick up my shoes and 2. Taking them without my permission.”

She really only gave Rylee permission to wear her boots to that one event.

“I have now received a text from Rylee saying that she wanted to tell me something but that “I can’t be mad” and that she was going to fix it,” she continued.

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“Rylee had accidentally scuffed the front part of the cowhide boots leaving a very obvious bald spot. The fur in that area is black and the leather is not. Immediately I am devastated.”

She couldn’t hide from Rylee that she was angry with her, and she reprimanded Rylee for packing her boots and taking them to Colorado without her knowing.

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