Mariah Carey Basically Makes A Freaking Fortune Off Her Christmas Music And Here’s How Much That Actually Is

If you break it down and do the math, it’s about $2.6 million dollars per year, so since we have 4 years since that report came out we’re going to add $10.4 million to that…

…Bringing the grand total to $70.4 million dollars off one single song!

Not surprisingly, Mariah’s hit is the most streamed song on Spotify as far as Christmas songs go.

She is definitely earning royalties there!

“When I first made the record, it wasn’t as big a hit as it is now,” Mariah revealed in her Amazon documentary that came out last year, called Mariah Carey Is Christmas (which you can watch here).

“It’s grown in popularity over the years…I just remember…wanting it to feel like a classic.”

Well, it certainly is a classic and you just can’t celebrate Christmas without it.

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