Over The Past Few Months Her Boyfriend Started Criticizing Her Appearance And Putting Her Down Over Everything From Her Clothes To Her Hair

“There is obviously not anything wrong with him finding that attractive but I simply don’t wear that,” she said about the crop tops and short shorts.

“I have never worn that, I don’t want to wear that. And most importantly I won’t feel attractive In that.”

Clothing is hardly the only thing her boyfriend is constantly putting her down over though.

“It’s the same with everything – I’m getting ready and he can never say I look nice even if we’re going on a date,” she continued.

“He always has constructive criticism on me – my hair should be up or down. I should wear a different skirt.”

“Or my hair is brassy and I need to tone it or get it re-dyed. I should shave, I should buy some more flattering jeans. I should get a pedicure. Why don’t I do my makeup differently?”

He also picks apart activities they do or don’t do together and she feels like nothing is good enough for him anymore.

She’s left feeling like she has no clue why her boyfriend is even with her if he doesn’t appreciate her for who she is.

“It’s like he makes out I’m insecure so offers suggestions but I’m not and it’s clearly just what he thinks is wrong with me,” she concluded.

She’s concerned that she might be reading too much into this, but it honestly sounds like her boyfriend is a complete jerk.

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