She And The Rest Of Her Side Of The Family Could Not Attend Her Brother’s Destination Wedding And Then Her Brother Sent Her A Heartbreaking Email Over Her Lack Of Attendance

Destination weddings may be beautiful, but they are not always realistic for the couple’s families– especially during a global pandemic.

Well, this woman’s twenty-nine-year-old brother decided to have a destination wedding two months ago, and the event spurred a slew of familial problems.

“Unfortunately, none of our side of the family could attend due to multiple valid reasons,” the woman said.

Her grandparents are all too old to be traveling, her mother is fighting breast cancer while her father takes full-time care, the woman herself was pregnant, and two other family members are doctors who could not risk traveling during COVID-19.

The rest of her family either could not afford the trip itself or could not take two weeks off from work.

All of these reasons for missing the wedding are logical. Still, the woman’s brother and his fiancé were not understanding of them.

“We tried to explain the situation to them months before the wedding, but we were hit with ‘our wedding, our rules’ and ‘don’t like it, don’t come,'” the woman explained.

She and her family also asked to help in any way that they could. The woman pleaded with her brother to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but he said he “did not want money, he wanted her at his day.”

“I tried to explain to him that his wedding was four days before my due date,” the woman recalled, “He ended up screaming at me and calling me a spoiled, entitled brat. Then, he blocked me.”

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