She Asked Her Best Friend’s Mom To Leave His Wedding For Wearing A White Dress And Now Her Best Friend Is Furious With Her

This woman’s male best friend got married a couple of weeks ago. Her best friend and his wife had been together for four years and dreamed of a smooth wedding day. Still, they were all worried about the groom’s family.

They are a large family with many children. A few months before the wedding, the bride asked this woman to do her a favor.

“She asked if I would deliver the family the rules of the wedding. I read it beforehand, and it was reasonable,” the woman explained.

For example, the couple did not want any children at the wedding since there would be alcohol.

They also did not want any proposals or large announcements at the wedding and asked that no guests wear a white dress.

This shortlist seemed pretty standard to the woman, but the in-laws were very resistant.

“They kept complaining about how it was so short notice and how it’d be impossible to book a babysitter before the wedding or find a dress that isn’t white,” the woman said, “I quickly told them anyone to break these rules would be turned away at the door.”

After telling the bride what happened, she was uneasy. Still, this woman reassured her that the day would run smoothly.

The bride even asked this woman to be her maid of honor, but she declined and instead decided to run security.

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