She Bruises Super Easily And Her Friends Think That Her Fiancé Is Abusing Her So They Called The Police

A 24-year-old woman is engaged to her 26-year-old fiancé, and all of her friends are under the impression that he’s abusing her but the reality is, she just bruises really easily.

Her bruises always do end up looking like someone did hit her, and she has no idea why they look so bad.

Her bruises are always worse on her legs, yet the ones on her arms never look so bad and her face doesn’t really bruise at all.

“So like 4 months ago I was hanging out with my friends when my dress blew upwards because of the wind,” she explained.

“Now the day before that I went bouldering with my fiance and of course…bruised like a lot. I had an especially big bruise on the side of my left leg because I had fallen down and hit myself with one of the bigger boulders.”

Her friends were extremely worried, even though she did tell them the bruises came from them going bouldering.

Her friends insisted that she could confide in them, but she said there was nothing else to share with them.

“That weekend the police appeared in front of my door because of a “domestic dispute” (we weren’t even fighting,” she said.

“We almost never fight. Someone just called the police and said we were having a dispute) . It was a whole thing but they left.”


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