She Called Out Her Mother-In-Law For Wearing An Engagement Ring To Her Wedding

“When we made our rounds I made a snarky comment, which maybe I shouldn’t have, about how she couldn’t wait to tell people.”

“MIL used the excuse that the ring is blue and she didn’t think anyone would know, but she was smirking when she said it.”

“Also she let it slip that they had been engaged for three months meaning she had time to tell people.”

In the end, her mother-in-law wound up leaving her wedding early, and since the wedding, she hadn’t seen her mother-in-law at all, until Christmas came around.

As she was spending time with her mother-in-law this Christmas, her mother-in-law asked her if she happened to be pregnant.

She told her mother-in-law that she wasn’t pregnant, and then her husband’s sister cracked a joke about how when she does get pregnant, she should announce that news at her mother-in-law’s wedding.

Her mother-in-law didn’t find this funny and accused her of hating her. She did tell her mother-in-law that she doesn’t hate her, but she does think it was awful of her to wear the engagement ring at her wedding.

“MIL’s fiancé said I was being dramatic and I can’t expect her to take the ring off once she has accepted it and it wasn’t some secret because she had pictures on social media,” she continued.

“Which she did, but she also has most of the family blocked on social media.”

She’s still bitter about what her mother-in-law did at her wedding.

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