She Confronted The High School Bully And Reminded This Woman That She Caused A Girl To End Her Life And She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Out Of Line

A woman who has been out of high school for 15 years now recently returned to the town she grew up in for Christmas.

While she was home for the holidays, she ran into the high school bully, Jenna, while at a Walmart.

Jenna was the absolute worst back in high school. She was a mean girl who only hung out with other girls who bought their clothes from the local mall.

Jenna was also a cheerleader, a flyer to be exact, and would relentlessly bully any girl that was bigger than her.

Although Jenna never bullied her directly, Jenna bullied her friends and other girls at their high school too.

“Jenna successfully bullied one girl, Becky, into developing an eating disorder,” she explained.

“Becky passed away while in college because of a TBI as a result of bulimia and binge drinking. I was not BFFs with Becky but we had classes together and she was always cool.”

Anyway, when she ran into Jenna, Jenna instantly began making mean comments about another girl they went to high school with that Jenna had also run into.

She found what Jenna said to be so cruel and critical. She could see that Jenna acted like she was still in high school and hadn’t grown up at all.

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