She Didn’t Invite Her Sister To Her Wedding Because She Doesn’t Want To Have To Deal With Her On What’s Supposed To Be One Of The Most Special Days Of Her Life

Meanwhile, their mom and dad were absolutely crushed to see this issue tearing the both of them apart and causing so much fighting.

“My sister turned on them at one point and told them they should have made me seek out my birth family, that it was them being selfish not making me, how maybe they stole me or some sh*t or maybe they had made my birth family out to be worse than they were,” she said.

“My parents told her to stop. That adoption is so personal for everyone and our journeys could never be the same, so she needed to stop trying to force me.”

Her sister made all of this so absolutely awful that she really doesn’t want anything to do with the biological family her sister found and is trying to force on everyone.

She also does not spend a lot of time around her sister anymore because of everything that happened.

Now, she’s getting married next month, and the thing is, she did not invite her sister to be there on her big day.

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When her sister realized she was not going to get an invitation, she was devastated.

“I told her I didn’t want to deal with her on my wedding day,” she continued. “That she would destroy it with her pushing me, with accusing our parents of hiding sh*t or being sh*tty parents for not pushing, with her sneaking around behind my back.”

She made it clear to her sister that because she can’t trust her at all, she can’t have her at the wedding with her.

She does feel awful that her big sister won’t be there for what’s supposed to be one of the most special days of her life, but her sister causes her so much anguish that it’s not worth it for her to take a risk.

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