She Discovered That Her Boyfriend Bought Her An Extravagant Rose Gold Diamond Ring For Christmas And She’s Struggling With How She’s Going To Refuse The Gift

The third issue she has with the ring is that, well, it completely seems like a wedding band style ring.

“We have not discussed marriage at much length, ever,” she said. “We may live together but we are not (at least I am not) to the point or stage where I can concretely say I am ready for that commitment and I just don’t want to add pressure to a relationship that has seen more than its fair share of struggles.”

The fourth problem the ring presents is that she’s a teacher, and wearing this ring would make her students think she’s most likely engaged.

“The other side to that coin is I would feel horrible if I never wore the thing and it’s not meant to be some kind of engagement/wedding ring…but honestly I just don’t wear jewelry like this,” she continued.

“This leads to my next point. Unless I am engaged or married I would rather just wear costume or vintage jewelry.”

“Fine jewelry is not my style. I have wild, wavy/curly hair cut into a 70s shag and I dress vintage/retro/grunge…not dainty or polished. Ever. So it just won’t “go” with my look.”

Viktar Vysotski –

She knows that she is not difficult to buy presents for because she is quite easygoing and has a variety of interests, which her boyfriend is aware of.

She would rather spend money on an experience or travel somewhere with her boyfriend instead of just buying things.

She considers herself to be easygoing and very low maintenance, and the list she gave her boyfriend for Christmas included everything from spice jars and organizers to a drafting table for her art and new luggage.

“I am at a loss and just don’t know what to do on the day I open it,” she concluded. “I will first of all have to act surprised, but then how do I graciously ask him to return it without hurting his feelings?”

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