She Donated Part Of Her Christmas Bonus To A Local Animal Shelter And She’s Telling The Internet A Guy She Knows Got Mad She Didn’t Donate To His Friend’s Kid Who Has Cancer

“He said that the kid is more important than a bunch of dumb animals and I should go get my money back and give it to his friend instead.”

She refused and pointed out to him that the animal shelter means so much to her.

This guy from high school called her a terrible name and tried to say if she got the money back it would help his friend so much.

She’s left wondering if she did something wrong here by not going to the animal shelter and asking for her money back.

She understands why this guy she went to high school with thinks badly of her, but she knows that shelter desperately needs every dollar.

The bunny she adopted from them only had a $30 adoption fee, but she gave them $130 for her bunny, and it made their day.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“There are a million worthy causes out there and no one can give to them all. You have to pick which one(s) you want to support. You have chosen an animal shelter and that is completely valid.”

“Your Facebook friend is being ridiculous to think he has any right to control what you do with your money. I would suggest blocking him.”


“You clearly see the good that your donations are doing in this animal shelter. Major props to you for volunteering your time and money to a worthy cause.”

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