She Dropped Out Of Her Best Friend’s Wedding Because Of Drama With The Groom’s Mother

Being the maid of honor for your best friend’s wedding is such a memorable experience. At first, this woman was so excited to fulfill the role.

Soon after, though, she decided to drop out of the wedding because of her rough history with the groom’s mother.

The woman used to be a nurse at a local hospital, so the clash between her and the groom’s mother began through work drama.

“She was awful, had a massive ego, and always had to be the cool girl. She was also best friends with my work nemesis,” the woman explained, “We had a couple of issues while I was working there. It began with us clashing over a patient.”

Apparently, the mother screamed at the woman in front of their coworkers. She told the woman to “go spend eight years in medical school” and even called her an idiot.

The woman did report her, but the department head didn’t do much. He said that nurses are easily replaceable, whereas specialists are much harder to find.

“At another point, she interrupted my conversation with a coworker about dating and said I should probably try online dating– since I’m just not special and don’t stand out,” the woman said.

Again, an argument erupted, but this woman was told to leave it alone just because of her job title.

Then, after the hospital’s annual holiday dinner with benefactors, the woman found the groom’s mother and the department head making out.

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