She Dropped Out Of Her Best Friend’s Wedding Because Of Drama With The Groom’s Mother

“I guess that is why he was always covering for her. She was also married at the time,” the woman said.

About six months later, though, the woman’s boss did not seem to be interested in the mother anymore. Instead, he began pursuing the woman, and they dated for seven months.

“I really fell for him. I know how it makes me sound in hindsight, but this man was the love of my life,” the woman said, “Long story short though, he dumped me.

Then the groom’s mother dumped her husband, and they are married now.” This woman was obviously heartbroken and ended up quitting her job for the sake of her mental health. She moved to a smaller urgent care center.

Recently, when she was asked to be the maid of honor at this wedding, she thought she could move past everything. But then, at the engagement dinner, the groom’s mother was still holding onto the rivalry.

“She made a smug comment about me looking tired and asked how urgent care was going,” the woman recalled. Later in the night, too, it was so hard for this woman to see her ex-coworker being affectionate with her ex-boyfriend.

“It was like a knife in my heart and brought me back to that toxic work environment,” she explained.

The woman decided that her mental health and sanity had to come first. So, she texted her best friend and explained that she could no longer be the maid of honor.

“I told her I would go to the wedding, but I might have to leave early because this is all too painful,” the woman said, “But she said I was a bad friend. She doesn’t like her fiancé’s mother either, but that this is her once in a lifetime wedding.”

The woman’s best friend believed that she should be there for her. Since the conversation, the best friend has been super distant, and now, the woman feels like a jerk.

How would you feel about being the maid of honor at this wedding? Would you have made the same decision as this woman?

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