She Found Out Her Best Friend Is Cheating On Her Boyfriend With A Married Guy From The Gym And Since She Lives With Them She’s Seriously Caught In The Middle

A young woman just found out that her 30-year-old best friend Erika is cheating on her 33-year-old boyfriend Matt that she’s been with for 2.5 years.

She lives with her best friend Erika and her best friend’s boyfriend Matt, so she’s kind of caught up in the middle of all this.

She and Erika have been best friends for 20 years now, and Erika is a real highlight in her life. Erika knows her better than anyone, and she’s basically her soul mate.

They moved in together right after high school, and they’ve been through so much together, Erika always grounds her, and the relationship that they have is truly special.

8 months ago, Matt moved into their place since he and Erika were getting really serious, and living together was a natural next step.

3 months after Matt moved in with them, Erika began talking about some guy she met at the gym that she was attracted to; Jake.

She never thought that Erika would do anything with Jake, but boy, was she wrong. Erika ended up cheating on Matt with this random guy from the gym, Jake.

Jake is 40; married and has a kid with his wife. Not only that; he has several kids from other relationships.

Erika then revealed to her that she and Jake had gone to some hotels and slept together.

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