She Found Out Her Best Friend Is Cheating On Her Boyfriend With A Married Guy From The Gym And Since She Lives With Them She’s Seriously Caught In The Middle

“They began texting nonstop,” she said. “Like, it was insane. You could barely hold a conversation with her, she was glued to her phone.”

“Flash forward to today and she says she is head over heels in love with Jake and he loves her and it’s “unlike anything she’s ever felt” and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him etc.”

As soon as Matt falls asleep, Erika calls up Jake and speaks to him every single night. When Matt is not home, Erika rushes out to meet up with Jake.

Somehow, Matt and Jake’s wife have no idea what’s really going on.

“She has a sweater of Jakes that she sneakily wears when Matt’s not home. It’s ridiculous,” she continued.

She’s surprised that Matt really has no clue what Erika is up to, and the worst part is…he’s a great guy.

He’s wonderful to Erika and she has also gotten close to him since they all live together. Matt even comes over to her family’s house every Sunday for dinner.

It’s making her sick to her stomach how Erika lies to Matt and manipulates him. It’s also making her so upset to know that Erika can be so awful, and it’s causing a lot of stress on their relationship.

“Erika is, for the most part, unapologetic, saying she does feel bad but justifies it by saying she didn’t mean for this to happen,” she explained.

“I brought up how selfish she is being and she was again unapologetic, saying she does feel bad sometimes, just not bad enough to actually change anything.”

“She says that she thinks “it’s ok to be selfish”. Basically, she is saying she is so in love with Jake that she doesn’t regret or feel too bad about what she’s going because it makes her feel so good. Here’s the kicker.”

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