She Found Out That Her Fiancé Lied To Her About Many Things And Had A Secret Relationship On The Side: Then He Just Disappeared

There had been no warning signs, nothing to suggest that he wanted out of their relationship for good.

Confused, she went to his mom’s house to check in on him. But his mom thought they’d broken up a long time ago.

And the shocks continued.

“He was dating this other girl and he was never in the facility at all,” she said. “Instead, he had a huge falling out with his roommate and him and this girl were kicked out of the house.”

“He told his mother that the trip to Disney was his plan and he went alone so he didn’t waste it, although it was a lie.”

Since then, she’s been in a state of absolute shock and betrayal. Though friends were begging her to move on from everything, she still couldn’t process why things happened the way they did. And moving on felt nearly impossible.

“How do you turn off feelings for a 4-year relationship that, although it had its problems, always chose to keep trying?” she asked.

“How do you turn your back on someone you thought was the person you were planning on spending your life with?”

He was still treating her and his mom with radio silence, but she couldn’t get over the unanswered questions.

Why had he led her on? Why had the last thing he’d said to her been “I love you?”

Ultimately, she was left feeling abandoned and worthless. She’s wondering if she should continue looking for him or if she should leave it and try to move on.

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