She Invited Her Brother’s Former Fling To Thanksgiving And She’s Telling The Internet Her Brother’s Girlfriend Got Offended

She isn’t positive if any of that truly happened, but she doesn’t really care because she still likes Anya.

“I’ve kept in contact with Anya and she occasionally tells me how sad she is things turned out that way with my brother and I said that if I had the chance I’d set them up but I’m not sure it’s easy to do that now,” she continued.

“She says how she always wanted to be part of our family and she feels like she lost her spot to Sarah. I assured her that I still consider her family even if she’s not dating my brother and I’ll always love her more no matter what.”

Pretty recently, her relationship with Anya became even stronger so she decided to invite her over for Thanksgiving.

“When my brother found out Anya is invited he went off on me and said I’m so disrespectful for inviting the girl who tried to break him and Sarah up and how this is disrespectful to him, Sarah, and their relationship,” she wrote.

“He also claimed that I never gave a chance to Sarah and tried to get close to her because I’m so stuck on the idea of him dating Anya which is creepy.”

She responded that because it’s her house, she can go ahead and invite anyone she wants and she doesn’t need his approval to do so.

“I don’t care what she did to them, she’ll always be the one that got away for my brother in my eyes,” she revealed.

At the end of the conversation, her brother refused to come to Thanksgiving with his girlfriend Sarah, and he stuck to that. He was absent on Thanksgiving.

Her mom thinks that she’s in the right here and considers Sarah and her brother to be “insecure” and “toxic.”

On the other hand, her husband and her dad both think she was a jerk for not being sympathetic to Sarah and her brother’s feelings.

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