She Invited Her Brother’s Former Fling To Thanksgiving And She’s Telling The Internet Her Brother’s Girlfriend Got Offended

“It is creepy how you are still trying to push this relationship that is clearly never going to happen and Anya is clearly hung up and being possessive of your brother, which is unhealthy, and you keep pushing it.”


“You don’t care how your brother feels, so you shouldn’t be surprised that he doesn’t show up.”

“Anya isn’t “the one who got away” for him. He doesn’t want her as a girlfriend and never really did. You playing “who I want for a sister-in-law” is extremely disrespectful to your brother as a person; he’s not your doll and gets to choose who he wants to spend his life with.”


“Would you want to have dinner with someone who slept with your husband in the past and told you she was going to marry him??”


You can read the rest of what the internet had to say here.

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