She Just Learned That Her Boyfriend Is Paying For A Professional Cuddling Service And She Thinks This Is Cheating

A 25-year-old woman has been dating her 24-year-old boyfriend for about 3 months now. She thinks he’s really an amazing, loving, and kind boyfriend, but he recently did something that she has a major problem with.

At the beginning of their relationship, she told her boyfriend that she wanted to go slow with everything; from kissing to sleeping together, to saying I love you.

She has already been in a few awful relationships that she believes got bad because she was far too attached to the other person from the get-go.

She thinks if she had gone slower and had not fallen so fast for those individuals, she would not have gotten so hurt in the end.

That’s the reasoning for her wanting to go slow with her current boyfriend, and she hasn’t gotten to a point with him yet where she feels like she can be intimate with him.

Now, her boyfriend isn’t ok with that, and he told her that he felt her that she hasn’t yet really kissed him or said that she loves him.

“He felt like what he did for me didn’t matter,” she said. “I explained to him that I loved him and that I just needed more time to get comfortable with the relationship and I’ll give him everything he needs in a relationship.”

“But the one thing he’s been begging me for is cuddle sessions. Now I don’t mind cuddling but he wants me to hold him most of the time and rest his head on my chest like bury his face in my boobs.”

“I hated this idea because it was too intimate for me and I wasn’t comfortable with this.”

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