She Left Her Son Outside On The Night Of Christmas Eve And She’s Asking The Internet If She Overreacted Because He Had To Sleep In The Tree House

A mom has 4 kids with her husband, and the older ones are 15 and 16. She considers herself to be a very laid-back kind of mom, and she does not make her kids follow many rules.

The few tules that she does have for her kids include completing chores, being respectful, and coming home before 10 at night for her older kids.

Well, on the night of Christmas Eve, her son who is 16 missed her curfew. She had called him approximately 10 times wondering where he was, and then he arrived at 11 p.m.

At that point, she had already locked the house, and she could hear her son knocking on the door.

She called him and explained that because he missed curfew, he could just sleep outside in the treehouse as a lesson.

“He knocked to get in and I just called him back and told him he could sleep in the treehouse and that there were already blankets up there and hopefully this would be a lesson to stick to curfew,” she explained.

“He was apparently on a date with someone (whom we haven’t met) and didn’t realize his phone was set an hour behind.”

“To me, that’s all excuses, I told him he had the rest of the night in the cubby to reset his time and we’d see him in the morning.”

At 6 a.m. on Christmas, she unlocked the house and her son walked into his room to back to sleep, where he stayed until lunch.

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