She Overheard Her Husband Saying That His Ex Is Prettier Than She Is

This woman’s husband had his brother over at their house about a week ago. She is twenty-three years old, and her husband is thirty-one.

While her husband and brother-in-law played video games, she decided to head to bed early. But, she realized she needed a glass of water and headed back down to the kitchen.

What she heard her husband say from the other room is the last thing anyone ever wants to hear from their spouse.

“I clearly heard my husband say that he thinks his ex-girlfriend is prettier than me. And, now that I’m pregnant, the only thing I have are my boobs,” the woman recalled.

Her brother-in-law laughed and had the nerve to ask her husband if he thinks the woman is pretty. The husband responded, “she’s cute,” and the brothers began cackling again.

“He was like, ‘I love her even though she’s not pretty like my ex,'” the woman said.

These comments from a supposed life-long partner would undoubtedly hurt anyone. But, this woman felt especially upset since she is carrying their child.

She also has been struggling with her appearance ever since becoming pregnant. She barely gained any weight during the pregnancy but battled an eating disorder as a teenager.

This struggle left lasting effects on her self-image.

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