She Overheard Her Husband Saying That His Ex Is Prettier Than She Is

“Even when I’m recovered, it’s not easy for me to see how much my body is changing,” the woman explained.

She had believed her husband when he called her “pretty” or told her that she “looked good” in the past. But now, she knows that he was lying.

After she heard the disgusting comments, the woman made a noise in the kitchen. She wanted her husband to know she had heard him. But, when he walked in and saw her crying, he pretended he did not know what was wrong.

“I told him that I had heard everything. He hugged me and apologized, and said he wasn’t serious. He said he thinks I’m pretty, but that made me feel even worse since I know he was just trying to make me feel better,” the woman said.

The woman was not having it and stood up for herself.

“I told him that if he thought his ex was prettier, he shouldn’t have broken up with her,” the woman recalled.

Her husband did not take that well and called her a child. He tried to defend his actions by saying he was just joking and broke up with his ex because he did not love her anymore.

He also said that looks were not important to him– instead, he was attracted to personality and character.

“He was basically telling me that I’m ugly but that my way of being attracts him,” the woman said.

Heartbroken, the woman went back to her bedroom and cried herself to sleep. Her husband has continued to apologize, but the woman is having a tough time forgetting his comments.

No one ever wants to feel unattractive to their partner, especially a spouse. Now, the woman is wondering if she overreacted and if she can ever forget what she heard or if she has to learn to live with it.

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