She Refused To Kiss A Fish At Her Boyfriend’s Mom And Dad’s House This Christmas And Now Her Boyfriend’s Mom Never Wants Her To Step Foot In Their House Again

A young woman and her boyfriend both happen to live in Canada, but they’re from completely opposite sides of the country.

She’s from the west, whereas her boyfriend is from the east. Each place that they live in is so very different from the other, and she’s never been to the east end of Canada before.

On Christmas Eve, she flew to meet her boyfriend’s family for the first time, and she was supposed to spend Christmas with them.

“I met them on Christmas Eve for lunch and they seem like amazing people,” she explained. “We had lunch, talked about family, traditions and then me and my boyfriend went around to see the city.”

Last night, I went to their house for Christmas Dinner. All was good, we were having drinks, dinner, everyone was having a good time.”

When dinner was finished and they all had a few drinks in them, her boyfriend’s mom leaps up from where she had been sitting and insisted that they had nearly forgotten the family ritual.

She had no idea what was going on at this point, and her boyfriend leaned over to whisper to her that he would explain everything as it went.

Her boyfriend’s mom starts organizing a ceremony in the middle of the family living room, putting her in the middle.

“She introduces herself to me formally then asks “Would you like to become a Newfoundlander?” My Boyfriend Whispers in my ear and I say aloud “Yes b’y,” she explained.

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