She Refused To Kiss A Fish At Her Boyfriend’s Mom And Dad’s House This Christmas And Now Her Boyfriend’s Mom Never Wants Her To Step Foot In Their House Again

“She asks me to tell the Family about myself, which I do. She hands me a Shot glass and asks “Are you a Screecher?” (Apparently, they have a rum called Screech, and that is what was in the shot glass).”

“My boyfriend tells me to say, which I do “Yes my old friend, And may your sails catch my wind.”

Next, his mom grabs a dead fish and pushes it close to her face, which she was completely repulsed by.

Her boyfriend laughed and insisted that she had to kiss the fish, and she said no. Her boyfriend’s family grew silent at this point before her boyfriend’s mom said that was the tradition and that she needed to kiss the fish.

“I politely refuse and thank them for the ceremony but I was just not comfortable with that,” she said.

“She took the shot out of my hand and went into the kitchen. It was tense after that, everyone seemed pretty mad at me.”

“My boyfriend was arguing with his Mom in the kitchen for like 10 minutes, then he came out and said we should leave (we were staying at his apartment.) In the car, he said that his Mom was extremely upset and didn’t want me in the house if I wasn’t going to go by their traditions.”

She’s left wondering if she should have sucked it up and planted a kiss on the freaking fish, but she had no idea this weird tradition was so important to her boyfriend’s family.

She would like to say sorry to her boyfriend’s mom, but the woman is not replying to any of the texts that her boyfriend has sent so far.

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