She Saw Someone Standing Outside Her Window Last Night And Then She Found Boot Prints In The Freshly Fallen Snow

She never thought it was a big deal, but she also has recently heard some noises coming from outside her house late in the evenings, and it truly sounds like someone is walking about outside.

She thinks this all could be connected, and she ultimately did place a phone call to the police to let them know about everything.

As she waited for someone to arrive, she sat in her room and could see out her window that her street had been sectioned off due to something that happened on the next block over.

She did feel safe knowing there were officers just a block away, and as she was waiting, she walked back downstairs to see officers in her driveway.

They did not end up speaking to her and she did not see them check out the exterior of her house for any signs of the person watching her.

“Earlier today, I decided to check and see if there were boot prints in the ground from the night before,” she said.

“I honestly wasn’t surprised to see boot prints exactly where I thought I saw someone standing, but this time, it was imprinted in the freshly fallen snow! So this tells me whoever this was last night was also here this morning after it snowed.”

Mihail –

“I cannot sleep knowing that this person is still out here, I don’t know if they also climb up on our ladder and look through our bedroom windows… this is a LITERAL nightmare of mine. And not only that, but I also got a text from a random number of a dead hanging deer today. Like wtf.”

She did get a call back about an hour ago from an officer who told her that unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot he can do right now about this situation.

She’s terrified to be home alone and unsure of what to do right now.

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