She Secretly Keeps A Very Embarrassing Photo Of Her Mother-In-Law From Her Wedding Inside Of Her Bathroom And Her Mother-In-Law Freaked Out When She Recently Found It

A woman got married to her husband 5 years ago now, and her mother-in-law is, well, pretty awful to her.

“…His mom is the bane of my existence,” she explained about her mother-in-law. “She is the death by a thousand cuts type and manages to be smug and condescending while playing it off as being dumb.”

“I’m not feminine enough for her, her son doesn’t make enough money, and I’m not the doting wife she envisioned. In short, we embarrass her.”

“MIL is a huge girly girl, super vain, cares a lot about how she looks. She viewed my wedding as her little beauty pageant and acted like she was the one getting married.”

“I gave her a lot of leeway because she was going through a divorce and lashing out. She broke down crying and had a rare genuine moment, and then I was just like…you can have your too light, too sparkly dress, it obviously means a lot to you.”

On the evening of her rehearsal dinner, her mother-in-law got into an argument with her father-in-law, who she was in the middle of getting a divorce from.

Her in-laws got up from the table and went into the hallway to continue their argument. Whatever they were upset about they managed to put behind them for the night, and later on, they wound up sleeping together, even though her father-in-law was in a new relationship.

“One thing led to another and FIL’s girlfriend found them in bed together that night,” she said. “She is a special kind of petty and went out and bought actual black ink, like for a pen, and doused them both in it while they slept to mark them as cheaters, but more so MIL, because you know…it is the always the woman’s fault.”

That’s right; her father-in-law’s girlfriend took black ink and threw it all over her mother-in-law and father-in-law while they were lying there in bed together. And this was right before her wedding was supposed to take place.

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