She Underwent An Emergency C-Section 3 Weeks Early So That Her Dying Husband Could Meet Their Baby Before He Passed Away

Hartford, Connecticut. On December 2nd, Haley’s son was born. But this was the same day she lost her husband, Jb.

Jb went to the hospital in Hartford because of complications from cancer. His six-month prognosis then turned into only a few days.

Haley was three weeks away from her due date but was desperate for her husband to meet his second son before he passed.

ICU doctors told her there was a high risk of labor complications, but Haley knew she had to be induced if there was any hope for her husband to meet their child.

“I kissed my sweet husband goodbye and told him to be strong and hold on for me and the baby – he said he would,” she said.

Doctors induced Haley hoping that she could deliver on her own, but ICU doctors came with urgent news; Jb was fading fast.

“It was either a c-section right at that moment, or Jb would not have the opportunity to meet our son.” Haley shared in her Facebook post.

Doctors immediately moved her to the ER, and 20 minutes later, she became a mom for the second time.

But they were still racing against the clock. “He was given to me for a quick kiss, and then a team of doctors and nurses ran him up 2 floors, and he was placed on his daddy’s chest.”

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