She Underwent An Emergency C-Section 3 Weeks Early So That Her Dying Husband Could Meet Their Baby Before He Passed Away

Miraculously, Jb’s vitals improved. He could make small movements and sounds, and Haley knew that he was thrilled to meet their son.

“After stitching me up, doctors and nurses made room for my bed to be wheeled in right next to my husband’s,” Haley explained.

“I spent my recovery time gazing at my husband. I was gazing at him in sadness but in awe of his strength.”

Jb passed peacefully with his son still on his chest and holding his wife’s hand.

The baby could potentially have faced complications from being delivered three weeks early. But, thankfully, his lungs were fully developed, and he came out at a healthy weight.

Doctors and nurses praised Haley’s act of selflessness, but she knew that she had only acted out of love and faith.

The couple hadn’t picked out a name, but she knew she was meant to honor her late husband.

She shared, “It is my pleasure to announce the birth of our brave, amazing son, John Beeson Parke (Jb). Welcome to the world baby Jb. Your story is truly a miracle.”

If you’d like to support Haley on her journey going forward, the family organized a GoFundMe page which has received an outpouring of love.

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