She Uninvited Her Transgender Sister From Her Wedding So Her Parents Would Keep Paying For Her Special Day

A woman who is about to get married has a transgender sister who announced that she was transgender to their family about a year ago.

Her sister began taking hormones before she came out, and she hid the fact that she was transgender from all of them for some time.

Their parents are transphobic, so she completely understands why her sister didn’t immediately come out to everyone.

After her sister did come out though, it caused an enormous argument in their family and their mom and dad cut her sister off entirely.

Many of their other family members also no longer speak to her sister anymore.

“I like to think I’ve been pretty supportive of her so far, using her pronouns and her name and all that (which has been hard, considering our fam gives me s*** for doing so),” she explained.

“I even make it a point to visit her every so often, while she hasn’t seen most of our other family since last year.”

“I also promised her that, if and when I got married in the future, she’d still be invited despite any tension with our family.”

Well, she did get engaged pretty recently, and her dad loves her fiancé because her dad views him as a replacement for the son he used to have and the man that her sister used to be.

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