She Uninvited Her Transgender Sister From Her Wedding So Her Parents Would Keep Paying For Her Special Day

After her fiancé grew close with her dad, her fiancé said to her that he does not like her sister at all, which she believes is because her dad influenced him.

“After the proposal (which was very elaborate and surprising and orchestrated by my parents), my parents, who are wedding planners, started talking with me about planning the big day and even offered to pay for everything,” she said.

“I mentioned wanting to invite my sister, and they shut the idea down immediately, talking about how she disrespected the family and cut them off and all that.”

“They basically gave me an ultimatum: have my wedding planned and paid for by them or have my sister there and they don’t come at all.”

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She accepted the offer her parents gave her since she can’t pay for a wedding on her own, and on top of that, her fiancé insisted that was the right thing for them to do.

She did tell her sister that she’s now uninvited to the wedding, but she is trying to plan a Zoom afterparty that her sister will be able to join.

She feels somewhat guilty, but she thinks there was no way for her to say no to her parents.

How would you feel in this situation?

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