She Walked Out In The Middle Of A Date And She’s Telling The Internet The Guy Wants An Apology

A 24-year-old woman recently went out on a date with a 25-year-old man for the very first time. She met this guy on a dating website.

The guy is a college student, and he lives with his parents.

“We decided to meet for a dinner date and picked out a retro bar,” she explained. “We started with drinks and as soon as he saw the price, he told me that found everything a bit pricy.”

As soon as he said this, she said that she was happy to leave and go somewhere else.

She also gave him some more suggestions; she offered to pay for half of everything, and then she even offered to pay for everything for the two of them.

What’s weird though is that he was the one who picked out the place for their first date, and he was the one that made the reservation, so you think he would have researched beforehand the price of things if that was some kind of major concern for him.

“He said he’d feel bad making me pay so he just got water while I got something to drink ( I was thinking that I’d pay my share anyway so I ordered nice drinks) and for food, I told him I felt like eating only nachos and he said it costs more and told me if I really want to get guac which is additional $$,” she said.

She just stared at him right in the eyes and told him she really wanted to order and eat without any kind of judgment from him.

She then pointed out to him that she was not under the impression he was going to pay for her at all, so he really didn’t have a right to be trying to control what she was ordering.

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