She Was Diagnosed With A Very Rare Cancer At The Age Of 15, And For The Past 6 Years She Has Been Relentlessly Fighting For Her Life

After Lacey completes her surgery, she will need to go through immunotherapies and chemo; both within American and outside of the country.

“Although Lacey has been tirelessly fighting for her life for the past 6 years, if you didn’t know that she was suffering, you would’ve never guessed it,” Joy said.

“She balances her life as if she has superpowers. She carried a full-time job throughout high school and now as a manager for a surf-skate shop.”

Lacey attends college full-time and somehow still balances time for her family and friends.

“Her bravery is admirable; upon her diagnosis, she didn’t wallow and ask, “Why me?” Instead, she said, “Try me,” Joy continued.

“Lacey radiates happiness, ushering sunshine into the lives of those she loves and touching anyone she meets with a ray of positivity.”

“Her outlook on life is never wavering, reaching beyond being simply inspirational to those who know and love her, and challenging us to adopt a similar mindset of fearless love and abundance.”

“Her laugh is contagious, and hanging out with her is a spontaneous, exciting adventure. Lacey’s originality is evident in the uplifting artwork that she creates; even her social media presence is geared toward encouraging others.”

“She is a beacon of hope, a spreader of joy. Her strength truly makes her an absolute warrior, while she continues to live a wildly magnificent life.”

If you would like to help donate to Lacey’s medical bills as she fights her cancer, you can do that here.

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