She Was Lied To About Babysitting A Severely Disabled Child So She Quit And Is Asking The Internet If It Was A Jerk Move

The mom then tried to tell her she was “overreacting” as she became concerned, and went through a list of things the boy required like being changed and fed.

“But I freaked out and I told her no, I’m not capable of caring for a disabled 3rd kid in the house we did not agree on that. I’m just a babysitter, not a carer which what he needs,” she said.

She quit on the spot, even though the mom was upset with her and accused her of backing out of their arrangement.

“But she initially lied and hid her 3rd son who’s disabled and needs special care and then expected me to go with the flow,” she continued.

“She said that I should at least try for a week til she’s got a willing babysitter because she can’t leave her new job and stay home with the kids. She begged me to stay even offered more money but I decided to leave.”

When she got home and told her parents about her reason for leaving, her own mom said it wasn’t right of her to quit.

Her own mom basically called her selfish for doing this to a single mom, not paying attention to the fact that there was a major lie involved here.

This teen pointed out that she was scared because taking care of a severely disabled child also is a huge legal responsibility, and she’s not wrong.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“She put herself into a tight spot because she’s a liar. Nobody will babysit for her because she’s a liar. If she keeps contacting you, tell her that.”


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