She Went On Vacation To Cancun With Her Boyfriend And After She Was Discovered Dead In Her Hotel Room Her Boyfriend Was Charged With Her Murder

Sadly, before anyone could intervene,  Sativa’s family got a phone call at 9 in the morning on November 27th that Sativa had been found dead in her hotel room and her boyfriend had been arrested.

“We know last we heard her boyfriend is in jail in Mexico, and I hope he gets what he deserves,” Mykayla continued.

“We know that we want justice for our sweet Sativa, and we are taking the steps to get answers. I know that my sister will never get to be the maid of honor at my wedding someday. I know that she’ll never get her own wedding. I know that I’ll never hear that contagious laugh again. I know that my sister was taken from us too soon.”

Facebook; pictured above Sativa smiles with her boyfriend

“Thank you everyone for checking in, asking what we need, donating, and just being there for Sativa while she was still here. It’s so amazing to look at all the sweet posts on her page, she was so so loved.”

“I’ve never heard a negative word about her. She’ll never be forgotten. And for those of you wanting to know what you can do, please keep sharing her pictures and memories. Keep remembering her for the amazing light she was for all of us.”

Mykayla is now sharing her sister’s story in the hopes that it can save the life of another woman experiencing domestic violence, and she’s also raising money to cover the costs of having Sativa and her belongings returned home to Washington.

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