She Went Through Her Boyfriend’s Phone When He Was Sleeping And Found Out That He Sent Some Steamy Texts To A Girl He Used To Hook Up With

“They said it looked like one of theirs. And he didn’t really seem bothered by it. So I dropped it since he just doesn’t seem like the character to do that.”

Well, she still had some serious doubts, because while her boyfriend was sleeping that night, she decided to go through his phone.

“…Later that night and I found texts from a girl reaching out to him about the second week into his trip,” she said.

“It was a girl he would hook up with when he would do work assignments in FL. They reminisced about hooking up.”

“Talked about what they would do to each other. She asked when he would come and visit and he said “as soon as I can”. They talked about what they would do if they saw each other again.”

She also saw in her boyfriend’s phone that he had gone through old messages and saved intimate videos and photos of this girl he used to hook up with.

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“I woke him up and confronted him about it immediately,” she continued. “He broke down. Became super remorseful.”

“Ended up telling me how much I meant to him and how I was a big factor of why he chose to move here.”

“Told me about past relationships and how they have affected him into feeling a sense of abandonment/unwanted and needing a “sense of validation” and that it was a stupid decision at the time. He was alone, it was late and she reached out to him and it was something familiar.”

Her boyfriend only sent intimate texts to this girl he hooked up with once before he moved to Kentucky to be with her, and that was about a month before he got to Kentucky.

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