She’s 21-Years-Old And In Congestive Heart Failure

Alyssa’s latest trip to the hospital has left her at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City for 3 entire weeks now.

Her heart is very inflamed and no longer working, so her only option is to undergo a heart transplant.

“Alyssa will need a full heart transplant, she is so sick that they want to place the lvad pump in as a bridge to keep her heart going until we can get her on the list,” Taneasha said.

“She does have insurance but it does not cover the pump. We’re trying different avenues to do all we can to get her help.”

“The charges for this surgery are upwards of $750,000. If we can get her insurance there are still thousands for out of pocket expenses on top of cardiac rehab that are not covered by insurance.”

“Right now we are depending on every single penny we raise.”

If you would like to donate to help Alyssa with the expenses of getting a heart transplant, you can do that here.

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